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Super-Efficient Skid Pressure Washer with Downdraft Burner and Industrial-Duty, Direct-Drive, Axial-Style Pump

Tough enough to clean Mt. Rushmore, the HDS 1000 BE is ideal for building contractors, farmers, forest services, and municipalities requiring high-performance machines in remote locations. Units are powered by a Honda gasoline engine complete with electric-start and engine idle-down and are equipped with Kärcher's industrial-grade direct-drive axial pump and super-efficient downdraft burner system. These machines are easy to use and include infinitely adjustable operating pressure, water volume, temperature controls, and detergent metering. Certified to established UL and CSA safety standards.

Product Highlights

- Rugged Steel Frame
- Engine Idle-Down
- Industrial Direct- Drive Axial Pump
- Super-Efficient Downdraft Burner
- Variable Pressure, Detergent, Flow

Typical Applications

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial
  • Construction
  • Fleets
  • Waste Haulers
  • Agriculture
  • Tankers
  • Engines

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    45"L x 30"W x 34"H

    Why Karcher

    Karcher is the most trusted name in pressure washers- a fact confirmed when Karcher was the only brand selected to clean the famous Mount Rushmore National Monument in 2005.
    Founder Alfred Karcher invented hot water pressure washing in 1950. Today, as the world's largest manufacturer of pressure washer, Karcher is the recognized innovative leader in the industry with over 300 patents.


  • Kärcher's 92% efficient top-fired burner delivers more heat from less fuel for the lowest operating costs in the industry
  • Detergent metering valve allows for infinitely variable application of soap while washing in high-pressure mode
  • Kärcher's high-performance direct-drive three-piston axial high-pressure pump features a wobble-plate design which uses fewer moving parts to maximize service life and is protected by a 5-year warranty
  • 50' Kärcher high-pressure steam hose rated for 311°F connects to the gun with an integrated swivel connection
  • Infinitely variable operating pressure, water volume, temperature control, and detergent metering
  • Ergonomically designed soft-grip Easy Press trigger gun minimizes operator fatigue
  • Built-in variable steam valve
  • Heavy-gauge steel frame with powder coat finish for all-weather protection
  • Powerful electric-start gasoline or diesel engines automatically idle down when trigger gun is released
  • Pulsation dampening system absorbs vibration from the pump for smoother operation
  • Safety relief valve protects pump from overheating and excessive pressure build up
  • Rust-free 11 gal. polyethylene diesel and gasoline tanks for hours of uninterrupted operation
  • Warning lights monitor fuel and scale inhibitor levels; low-fuel shut-off protects fuel pump
  • Unsurpassed Kärcher safety features include pressure switches, rupture disk, lowwater and low-fuel protection that shuts down burner when incoming water and fuel are insufficient or interrupted
  • Insulated Kärcher pivoting spray wand with a unique 25° Power Nozzle that delivers 40% more cleaning power due to evenimpact spray pattern
  • Float tank, with built-in antiscale system, stops build up of mineral deposits; water inlet filter protects pump from debris
  • ETL certified to rigid UL-1776 and CSA 22.2 safety standards

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    Order No.







    Ship Wt

    HDS 1000 BE 1.811-935.0 2.0 - 4.0 870 - 3000 Honda 13 Gasoline Kärcher Axial 443 lbs

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