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Comtec Wash Systems offers the complete line of Karcher pressure washer chemicals, detergents and soaps. Chemicals are available for pickup at our warehouse in Arvada, Colorado. We stock automotive detergents, cleaners, degreasers, soaps, waxes, aluminum brightener, concrete cleaner, scale inhibitor and a whole line of graffitti removal chemicals. Below is a short synopsis of our chemicals by type and use. Please click on any of the chemical sets below for more information.

  • Vehicle detergents, and vehicle detergents with wax.

  • General Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

  • Chlorinated Kitchen Cleaner

  • General Purpose Cleaner

  • Citrus Cleaner and Degreaser

  • Concrete Cleaner

  • Soak Tank Cleaner

  • Scale Inhibitor

  • Acid Base Coil Cleaner

  • Aluminum Brightener

  • Polished Aluminum Cleaners

  • Graffiti Remover - Brick Concrete Masonry

  • Graffiti Remover - Metal Saver

  • Graffiti Remover - Sign Saver

  • Graffiti Remover - Demo Kit

  • 3 Gallon Chemical Resistant Sprayer

  • Product Part Number Hard/Soft Water Dilution Ratio Polymer PLUS Friction/Non-Friction Container Size
    C-3600 Cleaner Degreaser C-3600-55 both 30/150:1 yes Non-friction 55 gallon
    C-3600 Cleaner Degreaser C-3600-5 both 30/150:1 yes Non-friction 5 gallon
    C-3400 Cleaner Degreaser C-3400-55 both 24/120:1 yes Non-friction 55 gallon
    C-3400 Cleaner Degreaser C-3400-5 both 24/120:1 yes Non-friction 5 gallon
    C-3200 Cleaner Degreaser C-3200-55 both 24/120:1 yes both 55 gallon
    C-3200 Cleaner Degreaser C-3200-5 both 24/120:1 yes both 5 gallon
    C-3100 Chlorinated Kitchen C-3100-55 both 40/90:1 no Non-friction 55 gallon
    C-3100 Chlorinated Kitchen C-3100-5 both 40/90:1 no Non-friction 5 gallon
    C-3050 General Purpose C-3050-55 both 36/75:1 no Non-friction 55 gallon
    C-3050 General Purpose C-3050-5 both 36/75:1 no Non-friction 5 gallon
    C-3000 General Purpose C-3000-55 both RTU/90:1 no both 55 gallon
    C-3000 General Purpose C-3000-5 both RTU/90:1 no both 5 gallon

    Product Part Number Hard/Soft Water Dilution Ratio Polymer PLUS Friction/Non-Friction Container Size
    C-2600 Vehicle Detergent w/wax C-2600-55 both 150/200:1 yes Non-friction 55 gallon
    C-2600 Vehicle Detergent w/wax C-2600-5 both 150/200:1 yes Non-friction 5 gallon
    C-2400 Vehicle Detergent C-2400-55 both 100/150:1 yes Non-friction 55 gallon
    C-2400 Vehicle Detergent C-2400-5 both 100/150:1 yes Non-friction 5 gallon
    C-2000 Vehicle Detergent C-2000-55 both 90/120:1 no both 55 gallon
    C-2000 Vehicle Detergent C-2000-5 both 90/120:1 no both 5 gallon

    Product Part Number Dilution Ratio Container Size
    C-5000 Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser C-5000-55 50:01:00 55 gallon
    C-5000 Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser C-5000-5 50:01:00 5 gallon
    C-5400 Concrete Cleaner C-5400-55 24/60:1 55 gallon
    C-5400 Concrete Cleaner C-5400-5 24/60:1 5 gallon
    C-5350 Concrete Cleaner C-5350-450 N/A 450 lb drum
    C-5350 Concrete Cleaner C-5350-50p N/A 50 lb pail
    C-5350 Concrete Cleaner C-5350-50b N/A 50 lb box
    C-5340 Concrete Cleaner C-5340-450 N/A 450 lb drum
    C-5340 Concrete Cleaner C-5340-50b N/A 50 lb box
    C-5330 Concrete Cleaner C-5330-450 N/A 450 lb drum
    C-5330 Concrete Cleaner C-5330-50b N/A 50 lb box
    C-5320 Soak Tank Cleaner C-5320-450 N/A 450 lb drum
    C-5320 Soak Tank Cleaner C-5320-5p N/A 50 lb pail
    C-5310 Scale Inhibitor C-5310-5 N/A 5 gallon
    C-5310 Scale Inhibitor C-5310-4/1 N/A 4/1 gallon case
    C-5305 Acid-Base Coil Cleaner C-5305-12/2 N/A 12/2 lb case
    C-8000 Aluminum Brightener C-8000-55 5/20:1 55 Gallon
    C-8000 Aluminum Brightener C-8000-5 5/20:1 5 Gallon
    C-8500 Polished Alum. Cleaner C-8500-55 RTU55 Gallon
    C-8500 Polished Alum. Cleaner C-8500-5 RTU 5 Gallon

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