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Karcher hot water pressure washers are 25% more efficient, saving up to 1/4 the fuel over the standard power washer.

How Karcher's proprietary heating technology achieves fuel savings of 25%...and more!

Karcher's proprietary heating technology, in the Classic Series hot water pressure washers, is just one of the many innovations that make a Karcher the most energy efficient high pressure power washers available. The Karcher cleaning equipment is second to none in the world.

In 1950, Karcher invented the hot water pressure washer and has since perfected the heating of water under high pressure. The three exclusive design features, described on this page, set the Karcher power washer apart from the competition. In conjunction, these three design features produce efficiencies up to 25% better than our leading competitor's hot water pressure washers.

Such efficiency in today's world of high fuel and energy prices means you still reap the benefit of cleaning faster and better with hot water, while saving $1,140 or more per year in fuel costs.

  1. Extra Efficient Heating Chamber:
    Karcher's efficient burner shoots the flame downward onto a firebrick floor, which deflects the heat back up into the chamber for double pass heating. The brick both retains the heat as well as deflects it evenly back up, around and through the coil tubing for added heat transfer efficiency.

  2. Double Pass Coil:
    Karcher's Classic Pressure washers have a double pass heating coil, a coil within a coil, that forces the water to flow twice through the heating chamber for double exposure to the flame and heat. The double passage of the water allows maximum surface area to the heating elements, helping to force the heat energy into the water and not out the exhaust vent. Other designs allow much more of the heat to escape up the exhaust tubes, and this can be measured as shown below.

  3. Pre Heated Air used as Insulation
    Karcher's Hot Water Power Washers use outside air as an insulation blanket. Air is drawn into the heating chamber on your pressure washer, passing through an outer wall, into an inner chamber. This inner chamber creates a thermal insulation barrier, as well as preheating the air for the heating elements, further increasing efficiency. The air picks up heat from previous reactions on it's way into the chamber, during the insulation phase of entry. The heat is returned to the chamber, through the burner, reducing fuel consumption.
Potential Annual Fuel Savings: Standard Models vs Karcher Classic Pressure Washers

Validating Fuel Efficiency: Competitors Pressure Washers vs. Karcher Pressure Washers

You can determine fuel efficiency by the exhaust vent temperature

One way to identify a fuel efficient hot water pressure washer is to measure the heat coming out of the exhaust vent. An efficient burner system will transfer the majority of the heat into the coil and water, not out the exhaust vent. Simply measure the air temperature at the mouth of the exhaust vent to determine the difference between their pressure washers and a Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washer.

Tests show the average exhaust temperature for the standard model pressure washer was 732° F (388° C) vs 389° F (198° C) for the Karcher Hot Water Pressure Washer in the Classic series.

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