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Karcher has been the industry leader in automated washer technology for nearly 50 years. Karcher invented the first hot water pressure washer 50 years ago, and ... About Karcher
More than a half a century ago, Alfred Kärcher invented the world's first-ever hot water pressure washer. Today Kärcher is the world's most popular brand of high-pressure cleaning equipment, which include a broad selection of industrial-grade hot and cold water pressure washers, detergents, accessories and replacement parts-all supported by Comtec Pressure Washer Systems, your local Colorado dealer.

A Name You Can Trust - A monumental reputation in cleaning
The Kärcher name is not only recognized around the world for its innovation and high quality in high-pressure cleaning equipment, but for its ingenuity and resourcefulness in tackling some of the toughest cleaning jobs on the planet. Only Kärcher has been entrusted with power washing many of the "world's treasures," including Mount Rushmore, the Space Needle, the Vatican colonnades, the Statue of Liberty and Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

Innovative Technologies - 92% heat transfer efficiency saves fuel
Kärcher has perfected the heating of water under high pressure with several patented innovations that deliver 92% heat transfer efficiency (other brands attain only 60%-70%) and significant fuel savings. Among the innovations: [1] a high-efficiency burner shoots the flame onto a fire-brick floor that deflects the heat evenly back up and around the coil tubing; [2] a double-pass coil forces the water to pass through the heating chamber twice; and [3] outside air is injected to create a thermal insulation barrier while it is being pre-heated for optimum combustion.
Click here for more about Karcher's Gas Saving Heating Technology

Accessories, Detergents and Parts - Add-ons to help you clean even faster and better
Kärcher's wide selection of pressure washer accessories-from flat surface cleaners and rotary nozzles to extension wands and hose reels, plus our 20+ detergents formulated specifically for pressure washers-are all designed to help you clean even faster and more effectively. We also have a huge inventory of replacement parts with express delivery options.
Click here for more about Comtec's lineup of stocked and available cleaning detergents, chemicals, and soaps.

Dealer Support - Your locally trained professional
All Kärcher products are supported by Comtec Pressure Washer Systems, your local, factory-trained support staff located right here in Arvada, Colorado. These highly skilled professionals are savvy on how to clean more effectively, how to get the most out of your pressure washer and how to maintain it for long-term reliability.

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